Algore and the “Prize”

I was surprised to find most of my fellow bloggers not having fun with Algore’s winning of the Noble “Peace” Prize. AP: Al Gore, UN panel share Nobel for Peace

The only blog’s I found that were talking about Algore were An ‘Ol Broad’s Ramblings and the Daily Dollop. Here is what they had to say:

From the Daily Dollop: The Ten Commandments of Climate Change
And from An ‘Ol Broad’s Ramblings: Proof!

My thoughts are whacked out was the committee when they made that decision. Why didn’t they give the award to JK Rowling? At least the books she writes are somewhat more believable than the drivel and unscientific material that Algore puts out.

The committee actually chose the one person (and committee) that has done the LEAST for humanity!!

Thích Quang Đo has done many things to help people and to warrant the Peace Prize. Just look at his bio: Thích Quang Đo

The frontrunner for the Peace Prize (excluding Algore) was Sheila Watt-Cloutier who is an Canadian Inuit Activist. She too has done many things to actually impact people. Her bio is here: Sheila Watt-Cloutier

So what exactly has Algore and IPCC Actully done?

  • They have made a natural event look like it is the doomsday scenario.
  • Algore has made millions by selling phony carbon credits to himself.
  • But in the end they have done nothing but talk.
The Prize has forever been tarnished.

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