Who has failed?!?

Doyle put the out a press release Monday evening stating that the Assembly “failed once again” to do their job.

On the contrary Mr. Governor, the Assembly is doing just what they are there to do, protect the citizens of Wisconsin from dictatorial governors that believe that asinine tax increases are the only way to get the State out from their spending habit.

The Governor accuses “extreme elements of the Republican Assembly” of refusing to deal with “the cost to operate school buses, pay heating bills, and maintain roads” but it was Governor Doyle that threatened the Democrat Senate with a veto (and lord knows what else) if they were to pass the bipartisan Assembly bills 506 & 507.

Doyle has failed the people of Wisconsin and by his own words “created a fiscal nightmare for this state” by not allowing passage of AB 506 and 507 that would have secured funding for schools and the municipalities of Wisconsin at the levels that HE and Senate Democrats wanted.

So the only failure this State has had was in allowing the Senate Democrats and the Governor make a mockery of the budget process by not funding schools and municipalities. If they had we would be well on our way to making head way on the remaining portions of the State budget and perhaps not be looking at the huge tax increase that the governor would like us to swallow.

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