The “Compromise” Budget

What is Sen. Robson smoking?

The reason I ask this is because any one that has read the Democrat’s Budget, Doyle’s Budget, or the new “Compromise” Budget (whose compromise…I have no idea and I’m willing to bet the Republicans on the committee are wondering the same thing) would not be able to make the following statement:

Robson noted the budget cuts state government spending by hundreds of millions of dollars.

“These cuts won’t be easy and there will be a noticeable reduction in services. We didn’t get everything we want for the University of Wisconsin System and we weren’t able to increase shared revenues for cities, but its mid-October and time for Wisconsin to have a budget,” Robson said. (link)

Once again we are playing Democrat math…If you do not understand Democrat math try the following especially if your boss happens to be a Democrat!

Next time you get a pay raise, be it COLA or a merit increase, tell everyone you know that your pay has been cut by 5%. When they ask how that happened tell them the same story Democrats use: “I budgeted for a 10% increase and I only received 5% which means that I am going to have to slash vital services in my household. My kids will have to go with out shoes. We will not be able to pay for the batteries in our smoke alarms.” Etc.

So I go back to my original question: if Sen. Robson believes that this new “compromise” cuts vital services I want to know what she is smoking or what pills she is ingesting because they must be good stuff!!!

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