Guess the Number Game


Come on people you are killing me here!!!

Fred made an attempt…my wife said it was not enough information…So I will give a hint…but the hint is nothing but another number!!!


I’m stealing a page from Fred over at RDW…yes I am!

2 = $128,000

5 comments to "Guess the Number Game"

  • I'll send you a bill.

    2 Gary Becker bar tabs = $128,000?

  • I'd rather owe you than cheat you!

    Becker's bar tab's...ah nope!

    But it is government related.

  • How much taxes I'm paying, for a gallon of gas!!

  • I was trying to find another number that those might refer to, but looking at RDW cleared that up.
    How about the number of vehicles Uncle Sam owns?

  • Great job Jean…you got the clue!

    642,233 is the number of cars that Uncle Sam is responsible for!!

    See this article for more details:

    In the article you will see what I was pointing out:

    2 (drivers for the Transportation Secretary) = $128,000 in annual compensation

    I still don’t see why:

    1. She needs 2 drivers
    2. She needs a driver
    3. Why we, as taxpayers, would put up with this!!!

    Simply put…I’m outraged at this BS!!

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