A Lieberman loss would be a GOP gain

I’ve spent quite a bit of time considering the Lieberman primary (which is taking place today) and what impact it would have on the Democratic party, then it dawned on me this his loss would help the GOP!

Lieberman, who has a record of voting for most (90%) Democrat bills, is for the most part a “centrist” when it comes to foreign affairs. Lieberman speaks what he believes and votes the same way, in this manner he is a very respectable politician.

While he votes for most liberal legislation he has parted company with the Democrats when it has come to the war in Iraq and the handling of the Middle East. On these topics he sides closer, but not with, the President. For this reason the Democrats found someone to run against him and it looks like Lieberman might loose his seat.

For the Democrats this will be a victory. They will have removed a “conservative democrat” and replaced him with a liberal one. This should solidify the anti-war base and move the voting record in this district to 100%. The thought is that a true democrat is better for the party and will propel the democrats to power. But is this reality?

Most of America is slightly right of center. While there has been an erosion of this core to one side or the other it is well known in politics that you win elections by winning the center. The Lieberman primary will shift the Democratic Party farther left if he looses. This will alienate much of the center, maybe not in that district but in the rest of America.

If the Democratic Party is hell bent on moving farther to the left then by all means I support them. Their movement will make it harder for them to win the precious center and will mean less control for them and greater control for the GOP.

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