Scot Ross crosses a line.

I’m sure that I am just giving Scot the advertisement that he was looking for but I just can’t hold my tongue.

Scot is a Democrat that is running for Secretary of State (Wisconsin) and yesterday he put out a “report” about same day registration. The “report” is nothing more than a recap of how many people registered on Election Day in each municipality.

In this so called “report” he claims the following:

“The Republicans want to keep people who earn less than $35,000 from voting,” said Ross. “They will go to any lengths to win elections.”

His only proof of this is that last year the Republican lead legislature tried to pass Assembly Bill 782 which would have eliminated same day registration and brought us on par with the rest of the country. This claim is nothing but a blatant LIE and meant to MISLEAD the people of Wisconsin.

He further insults every Wisconsinite by stating that pre-registration would have caused 435,000 not to vote…the insinuation here is that we are not smart enough to figure out how to register 14 days in advance of an election.

Scot do you really think that Wisconsinites are dumber than 44 other states?

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