Minimum Wage and Tax Cuts

While I dislike the concept of a federally imposed minimum wage it is something that exists and therefore must be looked after. The Republicans have now come up with a win-win solution for America but not for the Democratic Party.

Senator Frist has moved to attach the minimum wage increase of over $2.00 to a bill that would extend tax cuts! This is a brilliant move on the part of Frist and the Senate Republicans.

The three bills that this encompasses includes: an increase to the federal minimum wage of $2.10 over the next 3 years, elimination of the estate tax for estates up to $10,000,000 and a reduction of the estate tax from 46% to 30% by 2015, and would reinstate the tax cuts that expired last year.

The Democrats are crying foul!! They believe that the minimum wage bill has been attached to a “poison pill” and will surely fail.

But therein lies the rub…would any upstanding Democrat vote against a minimum wage increase when it is attached a bill that would reinstate tax deductions for college tuition, state taxes, and classroom supplies purchased by teachers?

Frist has a winner. If a Democrat votes against these bills not only have they voted against the “top 1%” but they have also voted against the working class that needs the deductions for tuition and supplies. The Republicans have an opportunity to turn this one vote into a campaign promise for this election season and a sure way to unseat any Democrat that votes nay.

AP Article: Frist links wage hike to estate tax cut

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