Ross is Still Lying!!

In a press release put out today by the Ross for Secretary of State, this lying Democrat (two words that fit together so perfectly) is trying to smear a respectable candidate for the Governorship.

Ross states the following: "Mark Green and Republican legislators are trying to keep people who earn less than $35,000 from voting,” once again lying to make people scared. This comes on the heels of a press release from Mark Green’s campaign which lays out his support for voter ID. (Release here)

Ross continues his smear of Green by stating: "Mark Green's voter ID bill is nothing more than a modern-day poll tax." He cites the Georgia case where Harold L. Murphy, U.S. District Judge in Georgia ruled that Georgia’s Voter ID law, which required all residents to obtaining a special digital identification card, which costs $20 for five years, was unconstitutional and likened the law to a Jim Crow-era poll tax. The Green plan includes “funding to cover the cost of a $9 state identification card for those eligible voters who are unable to afford this cost” there is no poll tax here!

The Green plan can be found here.

Ross continues his lies by stating that “Republican voter suppression is a longtime nemesis of the Democratic process” and that “the only thing that concerns me more is any eligible voter being denied his or her Constitutional right to vote." Yet we have not seen or heard Ross’s thoughts on Donovan Riley!!

The truth is the Republicans are not trying to suppress voters we are trying to enforce the law to protect each persons vote. We consider double voting, felons voting, and voting after polls close to be tactics used by Democrats to cancel out someone else’s Constitutional right to vote and is wrong.

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