So what have you done?

With all the media hype of the one year anniversary of Katrina I thought this comic was perfect.

Louisiana failed to help its people. New Orleans failed to help its people. Mayor Nagin failed to help his people.

Yet the people of Louisiana and the news media find comfort in blaming those farthest removed from the ability to help.

Where is the outcry that Mayor Nagin didn’t call for a mandatory evacuation? Where is the outcry that Mayor Nagin failed to utilize the busses at his disposal to remove people from the city? Where is the outrage that Governor Blanco didn’t request federal assistance for days and admitted it in an on camera flub all while blaming the Bush administration for not helping?

I’m truly saddened that New Orleans is still in ruin but when you elect Democrats that only know how to blame others for their suffering, expect others to do things for them, and gloat that things aren’t progressing as quickly as they should, you got what you deserve.

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