The Dilemma

I do not believe the media when they talk about how hate we are throughout the world but I do think that many people, primarily uneducated people, abroad think we wield too much power.

Take for instance the following headline:

US Hopes for Vote on NKorea Sanctions

This headline illustrates to the world that we in the US hope that the people of North Korea like not having the things they need the most, like food and other necessary supplies. While this is not what we are really trying to achieve it is what is perceived.

I’ve talked before on sanctions…they hurt the people we are trying to help. Do you think for one minute that Kim Jong Il is going to stop what he is doing to prevent harm coming to his people?

When dealing with lunatics that govern over people we can not hope that the lunatic will act sane enough to protect his/her people.

So here is the dilemma: How do we respond to the treat North Korea poses while not adversely impacting the people of North Korea?

The Left likes to talk a lot but in the end it is just hot air. The Right is usually too afraid to do too much because they will be considered tyrannical. The Left is screaming that North Korea did not develop nuclear weapons during the Clinton Administration. The Right is yelling that Clinton placated the Koreans and looked the other way while they continued the research.

So who’s right and who’s wrong? It does not matter. What matters is how we handle the current situation.

Personally, I think the Administration is moving down the wrong track by looking at sanctions…we will only “breed more hatred” by allowing the people of Korea to think that we do not care for their welfare. It is time for decisive action, it is time for critical thinking, and it is time to formally announce that North Korea has nothing to offer the US and walk away.

Yes you read that right I am proposing that the US just simply walk away. There is no reason for us to get bogged down into this mess. The Administration did a good thing by walking away from unilateral talks with North Korea. Let the people of that region deal with this issue.

We should only state the following. “Any attack on our allies, of which Japan and South Korea both are, is an attack upon the US. If they are attacked we will respond with the full force of the US military.” Then let the 6 party talks continue.

The dilemma we have is to look like bad guys for pushing sanctions or pissing of a dictator who might have nuclear weapons. It worked for Reagan in Reykjavik, we should try it again.

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