JT: “Police bust 21 underage drinkers at City Haul Tavern early Thursday”

In an interesting news story from the Journal Times this afternoon, “Police responded an estimated 650 feet to the City Haul Lounge, 835 Washington Ave. at 12:27 a.m. Thursday to perform an alcohol compliance check upon receiving the complaint.”

What I found most fascinating about this article was the following:

“In addition to issuing citations and making arrests, authorities also recovered one handgun in the bar’s bathroom and two other handguns that had been abandoned in the bar area.”

I’ll be curious to see if there is any follow up on this part of the story.

The Journal Times has been very vocal in there opposition to conceal carry in Wisconsin but when people have guns illegally or simply abandon them when the police arive, it becomes nothing more than a footnote in their story.

Where is their cry that there are too many guns out there? Where is the explanation for the guns? Did the reporter just decide that this was ok?

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