What is says vs. What is should say

Once again we have a Democratic Press Release that politicizes a terrible event, ignores the facts (Congressman resigned & Republicans call for investigation of illegal acts), and ignores their own track record!

You can read their release here.

Here is what I believe it should say.

Will Congressman Obey, Moore, Baldwin, & Petri Call on Minority Leader Pelosi to Resign?

Democratic Leaders (and the public) Have Known For Months About Jefferson’s Scandal, Yet Chose to ignore it

Racine Wisconsin – Revelations continue to surface that Democratic leaders, including Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi, have known for months about the Jefferson scandal, yet chose to ignore it.

Today, while the FBI continue to search records relating to an investigation which alleges that Congressman Jefferson (D-LA) took money to help a firm called iGate win contracts with an Africa, Pelosi and other Democratic Leaders opt to turn a blind eye to illegal activities of “one of their own” and instead charge the Republican Leadership of failing to investigate a Congressman who has in recent days resigned in disgrace for activities that are abhorrent to most of America.

“Congressman Foley acted disgracefully and I am glad to see that the Republican Leadership is pursuing an investigation into his acts but I am troubled that Democrats are casting stones all the while protecting and endorsing Congressman Jefferson who according to an FBI investigation accepted bribes,” said Gopfolk, a blogger in Wisconsin.

The People of Wisconsin today called on Congressman Obey, Moore, Baldwin, and Petri to join the voices around the country who have demanded that Pelosi resign her leadership post.

“Nancy Pelosi chose to protect Democrats because of their minority role in the House instead of protecting the values of Congress and the Government of the United States,” said Gopfolk. “It is appalling that Pelosi and other House minority leaders would choose to ignore this scandal to protect their own. Congressman Obey, Moore, Baldwin, and Petri should buck party leaders for once and call for Nancy Pelosi’s immediate resignation.”

3 comments to "What is says vs. What is should say"

  • Though I basically agree with you (and I love the way you wrote your what it should say piece) there is a huge difference between these guys.
    Jefferson stole money, he should be prosecuted and sent to jail.
    Foley was basically trying to seduce underage subordinates.
    If these guys both went to jail, Foley would be in more danger because because he went after kids.
    Even inmates have standards.

  • I agree that Foley is a slug but at least he did the right thing and resigned his office. Can't say that about Democrats that get caught.

  • very true indeed
    after all its just a vast right wing conspiracy right?

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