I’m confused…

While that is not an unusual statement for me I am very perplexed when I see headlines like the following:

SC Johnson given award by PETA for pulling ad featuring cartoon crows hitting windows.

What is worse is the content of the press release from PETA that states:

“replacing an ad showing animated crows crashing into window panes with a truly funny ad, in which the conniving crows get the last laugh as they watch while a human walks into a glass door.”

Readers digest version:

ANIMATED crows hitting window: sad, horrible, not funny.

REAL humans hitting window: happy, terrific, very FUNNY

Why aren’t these nut jobs talking about cruelty to animals in the new commercial, I mean while the guy might be an actor or a stunt man he does do a convincing job of running into the window!

Do these PETA people actually think that crows are watching the commercials and are feeling slighted? If so, do they not think that humans are doing the same?

Do they really think that an ANIMATED crow that is ANIMATED to fly into a window will really make people try to force real crows to fly into windows? That is just nuts.

I thought that both commercials were funny. If SC Johnson changed the commercial due to any pressure from people about cruelty to animals then I want the current ad pulled due to cruelty to humans.

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