Free Speech vs. Over Reaction

Tom McMahon is known for his irreverent humor and in the case of the ‘bumper sticker seen in Madison’ he was, of course, trying to provoke a bit of thought…personally I thought it was quite good.

His posting has made its way around the blogs and when it hit Charlie Sykes’s blog all hell broke loose.

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee took offence to the bumper sticker and Charlie’s posting of it on his blog. They wrote a letter asking for its removal from the WTMJ website, even while saying “Though we support your right to say and post on websites whatever you like, even when offensive to some, we reserve the right to point out things we find offensive and to call upon our local media to act in a more responsible manner.”

So I guess that means as long as you don’t offend them it is okay.

Charlie Sykes posted his reply to the Interfaith group’s letter and their letter on his blog this morning: DRAWING THE LINE

Well said Charlie!!!

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