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I have criticized the building of KRM since METRA finished their study and said that the population density was not enough to sustain the line.

I have openly argued that the numbers that are shared by the Transit Now group are “pie in the sky” numbers with no basis in reality.

I have made it crystal clear that the economic development in areas such as Durand and 31, Mayfair, and Bayshore were done with out a single train ever coming into these areas.

But I have never heard the argument against KRM put as elegantly as Mr. Poplawski did in Sunday’s Journal Times Letters to the Editor:

Leave my money alone

The railroad?

Let me see if I understand the KRM proposal correctly.

Some elected officials are in favor of taxing us for a railroad to serve three groups of people:
  1. Those who don’t want to live here.
  2. Those who don’t want to work here.
  3. Those who aren’t here yet.

I do know that I’m already paying a “petax” so millionaires can play baseball in Milwaukee. I know I won’t be voting for anyone in favor of increasing taxes.

It’s time those in office read our lips: “No new taxes.” I pay my own way to and from work.

Jim Poplawski

Mr. Poplawski I will be using your #1 and #2 regularly…I think that is amazing. Thank you!

So the next time some one tells you how great KRM is ask them if they really want to be paying the transportation cost for “those that don’t want to live here and those that don’t want to work here?”

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