More guns might be the answer!

I know this might be a strange concept to those of us here in Wisconsin but 48 other states have some form of conceal carry laws that allow law abiding citizens the right to carry their firearm, concealed, in public.

There is a growing number of college students and faculty that are now asking that this right be extended onto the campus.

Imagine if you would the implications of students and faculty that could defend themselves against criminals that would like nothing better than to kill as many students as possible before taking their own life.

The facts remain, the only people that currently prowl college campuses with guns are those out to do harm. Doesn’t it make sense that we would allow our law abiding children the right to defend themselves? Criminals don’t stop at the edge of our campuses and put down their guns because it’s against the law…only our innocent students do that.

Take a moment and read this article and then peruse the student’s website. How much longer do we have to wait until logic reigns supreme?

Student group wants more guns on campus

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