Remember her?

Do you remember this woman?

Well it looks like the great people of Georgia would like to forget her too!!! Fox News Story.

Rep. Mike Jacobs is supporting a resolution in the Georgia State House to have the 20 mile stretch of I-285 that currently bears the name the Cynthia McKinney Parkway stripped of that name and replaced with the old name, Memorial Drive.

Cynthia, after loosing her Congressional seat (again) in a Democrat primary in 2006, moved across country to California and is being courted by the local Green Party as a potential Presidential Candidate! Only in California can a nut job like Cynthia be courted!

Personally I hope that this resolution passes and Georgians can move forward knowing that the legacy of McKinney is gone. While I find it amazing that they would have re-elected her in 2004 they did the right thing in ousting her once again in 2006.

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