Ah…how refreshing!

“Representative Don Pridemore: What part of “we are spending too much!” don’t they understand?”

You got to love it when a politician just puts it all out there.

Here is the press release and a few selected quotes:

“Governor Doyle’s own administration continues to demonstrate that they are ignoring the economic condition our state budget is currently in. Mere weeks after the Governor asked state employees to reduce or eliminate their travel expenses, it has been reported that Wisconsin state employees have spent over $900,000 in travel—and this figure does not include Doyle’s own trip to Great Britain!”

“Now is the time for political leadership! What if gas and diesel prices continue to rise at their current rate? Food prices are on the rise mainly due to other government interference. How long can this state survive if we keep trying to tax ourselves out of our economic woes? Cutting
spending is the only answer.”

2 comments to "Ah…how refreshing!"

  • food prices on the rise due to government interference?

    "Agriculture conglomerate Cargill said on Monday that its third-quarter profit rose 86 percent to $1.03 billion on strong growth in its commodity sourcing and finance business.

    Wayzata-based Cargill said four of its five segments increased earnings from last year's third quarter. It said the largest profits came from its origination and processing segment, which processes and sells food commodities."

    that was from April 14th this year. Government doesn't seem to be hurting them much.

  • ...

    Cargill profits from an increase in the price of food. Of course their profit rose 86 percent!!

    Government intervention that causes food prices to rise... would cause a company that makes money from an increase in the price of food to have a higher profit - would it not?

    The point that the Representative made was clearly that the consumer that consumes the food is being hurt (which your comment makes perfectly clear since the company that sells the food commodities made 86% more money this year than last), and Doyle's plan is to tax that consumer further rather than cut back on suspect government travel.

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