Should the State…

State Rep. Marlin Schneider (D-Wisconsin Rapids) is concerned with the growing cost of fuel in this country. So much so that here are the proposals offered by this Democrat to “make a massive effort to strike back against the oil speculators”:

  • going to four day work weeks with staggered schedules for employees
  • reducing speed limits
  • rearranging school athletic conferences
  • providing tax incentives for alternative energy installations
  • mandating internet classes for state university and technical college undergraduates at least in the first two years
  • restricting new building construction
  • additional tree planting in cities
  • nuclear energy facility construction
  • revisions in state building codes
  • incentives for business and residential buildings to reduce the size and prevent urban sprawl

Excuse me but how is changing our lives going to be a “strike back?”

Rep. Schneider you want “a bold initiative that can be a national model” well here it is: CALL FOR DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS TO PASS LEGISLATION ALLOWING THE DRILLING FOR OIL!!!

We have the ability to tap a vast amount of oil but we are doing nothing but sitting on it and suffering the consequences as oil tops $130 a barrel.

Additionally, how about we add:
  • increase the number of refineries that produce gasoline
  • remove the reformulated gasoline mandate for Wisconsin

Add what you’d like to the list…

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