Voter ID Petition

Kathy Carpenter, from Kenosha, has asked for WI bloggers to get the message out and to collect signatures for the Voter ID Amendment pending in our State Senate.

So please visit the petition and Sign it here.

2 comments to "Voter ID Petition"

  • It isn't pending anymore, it is stalled until 2009. Consecutive passing of the measure will need to occur in 2009 and 2011 before voters get the chance to have their say. The only way to do it sooner is to get enough votes 2/3
    in both House and Senate to override a Doyle veto then it could be passed into law without going to the voters. That won't happen as the Republicans can't even bring it to the floor for a vote until they get the majority in
    the state Senate again which may not happen until 2011.

    Below is an audio link of what happened when Republicans tried this session (which would've sent it to voters had they won). But because of what the Democrats did it now starts all over in 2009.

  • Um...Justin...this is the point of the petition.

    It is stalled and the only way to get it moving is as you laid out...get the democrats on board!

    This is not a partisain issue...or it shouldn't be a partisan issue.

    We all want our vote to count and it is time that the democrats come around and vote for this measure. We are collecting signatures to show the democrats that there is public support for this ammendment and that their best move is to act on the legislation now and not wait.

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