Name that Country

Last week’s, I had thought, was pretty easy. I guess I was wrong. So this week here is a hint:

This country has 23 states and its constitution recognizes all of the 31 indigenous languages in the country.

This week’s country was very hard for me but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble with it. 8 out of 10

3 comments to "Name that Country"

  • the top one is venezuela (also known as U.S. Military Nuclear test range

  • Thank you, and very good Mr. Tucker!

    Since this is your first stab at one of my “Name that Country” and it was the old one I will not delete your post… this time! ;-)

    Please be sure that you conceal your guess so that others still have an opportunity to get it…hints are always allowed and appreciated by those that play the game.


  • that i THINK my computer is back, i will let you believe that i didnt get the "nuclear test range" answer (although i'm certain that answer was funnier than anything i could come up with).

    As far as the second one....i may have to slo down so i can think straight...

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