Did you vote? It may be based on genes!!??

You read that correctly it seems that research done at the University of California has concluded that the decision to participate in the electoral process is partially genetic in nature!!

Science Daily: Political Participation Is Partially Rooted In Genetic Inheritance

“These findings are extremely important for how we think about political behavior,” said Fowler. For example, it is widely known that parents and children exhibit similar voting behavior, but this has always been interpreted as learned behavior rather than inherited behavior.

According to Fowler, “We are not robots – the genes just seem to make it more likely that some of us will respond to our social lives by getting involved in politics.” Fowler also cautioned that there is no such thing as a ‘voter gene’: “That idea is just silly. Complex social behaviors are the result of hundreds of genes interacting with hundreds of social factors – these results are really just the tip of the iceberg.” (emphasis added by gopfolk)

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