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  • are you on either Sprint or AT&T?

    I like the iPhone, but I'm on Sprint, so I may go with the Instinct at my next upgrade.

  • Definitly think the iPhone is superior. If the Instinct doesn't have Wi-Fi that's a huge mark against it as Wi-Fi is leaps and bounds faster than 3G and EVOO while the difference between 3G and EVOO is neglible if any. The Instinct has a few cool tricks such as live TV, but I'm not really sure how much I'd really use it and it's also likely that Apple will be able to add it through the App store which leads to my next comment...

    By far the most serious question is... will the Instinct have an Application Store? If not... it's not even a contest and there's no need to compare anything further. The Apple App Store makes all things possible. I don't need Sprint Sports when I can download the MLB application for $4.99 (flat fee) and watch live baseball (video) on my iPhone for the rest of the season (any team, any game, including playoffs and World Series). There are so many amazing applications - even one that will listen to the music around you and tell you the artist and song name - that are completely free as well.

    Last - Apple is also superior in quality of navigating. It's easier to move around the screen and get back to the home screen. The screen is also quite a bit larger.

  • Where to begin with this last post!

    I’ll admit the wi-fi is the only thing that is missing from the Instinct…maybe Instinct 2.0…I mean iPhone is on 2.0 and they still haven’t figured out Picture texting, video recording, voice commands, replaceable batteries, Live TV or Radio!

    I find it curious that while Kerbouchard says that live TV isn’t important the fact that Apple will charge $4.99 to watch live MLB is a perk…well the Instinct comes with the Fox Sports network and NFL network and for additional charge you can get ESPN, a MLB, or NASCAR package. So the iPhone is behind the game there.

    Apps?!? I know the chart says they were not sure but there are plenty of apps to choose from and they seem to be $6.95 or less with many being in the $2-$4.00 range. These include movies, rigntones, games, TV packages, music, and even Sirius Radio. There are many applications that are free and I have only begun to play with those!

    I don’t understand the navigation comment…the Instinct has a home, phone, and back button all on the face…what makes the iPhone easier?

    Lastly, the screen on the iPhone is only 0.1 inches larger that does not qualify as “quite a bit larger.” The quality on the iPhone is better: 320x480 vs. 240x432

  • First, Apple isn't charging $4.99 - MLB is. Second, what I'm saying is that with Apple nothing is unobtainable. Within 1 week of it coming out, Apple already has Radio available for FREE and with channels that rival Sirius. There's hundreds of stations to choose from and all are available from one App. Or you can download the Pandora App which allows you to type in your favorite band, artist, or style of music and it will play songs with the same musical qualities. You can thumb the songs up or down and future songs will be adjusted to fit those songs you have stated you like. Apps also take away the voice command argument, and as I've stated prior - the Live TV argument. I believe popular channels are already coming out with Apps to allow Live TV (other than the sport apps that already exist). Other than sports, I'd still rather watch it on regular TV though which is why I don't think LIVE TV is that great.

    I'd be very intersted in how "Live"... live TV is when you're not on Wi-Fi (which is always), and if you're not on EVOO you won't even have a prayer of enjoying it as it will be very choppy and distorted.

    In regard to navigation, I admit my comments were not detailed and were based off of analysis of others'. I have yet to read one report that Instinct has better navigating. They all claim the iPhone is superior in this regard.

    In regard to size of screen, just look at your two screen shots. The "look" of the iPhone in regard to screen size is clearly different. There's a lot more to the size argument than physical dimensions. The iPhone is much brighter and there are quite a few more shortcuts on the main page (7-11 extra icons depending on how you count it). I would call that quite a bit larger.

    Picture texting and video recording are hardly anything to boast about. If you really want to do picture texting, why not just use the Facebook App? In fact, you can even chat with Facebook or with the AIM app and eliminate the need to text message altogether. I didn't even add a text messaging plan for this very reason.

    The biggest advantage of the Instinct over iPhone is the replaceable battery, but I'm not sure how often I'd use it. After 2 months with the iPhone, I have yet to ever run out of battery power.

  • My apology for saying Apple is charging…same goes for Sprint…MLB, NASCAR, etc. set those prices not AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, or Apple.

    As far as you applications comment it would be a tie…both are loaded for bear!

    Wi-Fi is missing and I’m sure will be added to the next version…but the comment about choppy and distorted…well it isn’t great but it is far better than some of the youtube clips I’ve seen!

    I’ve navigated both and they are virtually the same – again tie.

    Pictures are deceiving…when you see them side by side the screen isn’t that much different…iPhone is wider to accommodate the little extra screen.

    Again I agree with the Facebook and AIM app’s (both are available) but not everyone knows how to use those so they made it really easy to take a picture and send it like a “text message.”

    If you have a camera why would you not have a video recorder? Not that I would use it but nearly all digital cameras have that feature…iPhone does not.

    I’ve not had to use the replacement battery yet…but with travel I do not always have a chance to plug mine in for a quick charge…so that is when it will be a life saver!!

  • "Again I agree with the Facebook and AIM app’s (both are available) but not everyone knows how to use those so they made it really easy to take a picture and send it like a “text message.”"

    Oh, maybe I didn't understand. iPhone does have this?

    It's actually pretty sweet. First of all, you can get an image one of 2 ways.

    1) Take a picture
    2) Go to your email and click on any image that somebody has sent as an attachment and click "download" - this instantly places it where the camera pictures are located.

    To send a picture, you just click on it, then click an icon that allows you to:
    1) Use As Wallpaper
    2) Email Photo
    3) Assign to Contact

    So, while you can not technically "text" it, you can at least email it which most people would prefer anyways as pictures can be expensive for people with cell phone that don't have data plans.

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