I’m fed up!

If I hear one more liberal jump on the band wagon trying to pin the terrible event that occurred last week in Minnesota on Republicans I’m going to really hurt someone!

Here are the facts that most liberals don’t want to face:

  • In our $2.7 tillion Federal Budget we spend only 1.7% on Highways and Mass Transit
  • We spend 20.5% on Social Security – in case you were wondering that would be an entitlement program!
  • 12.7% on Medicare – or in other words socialized healthcare for the retired
  • 7.1% on Medicaid – or socialized healthcare for the poor

So we spend approximately $1,090,061,000,000 on Social Welfare programs but only $45,783,000,000 on Highways and Mass Transit. If you can’t do the math, that means we spend nearly 24 times as much on social programs than we do on our basic infrastructure!

Based on this can we now say that Johnson’s “great society” is dead? How much longer are we going to allow the liberals to milk the society while the walls crumble?

2 comments to "I’m fed up!"

  • It is a states issue.

    Like to have some real fun, look into pork spending in Minnesota.

  • I agree that it is mostly a state issue but it is still being portrayed in the media as a federal highway issue.

    Racine county has 5 bridges...if I'm remembering the story right...that are "at risk" and yet here we are still debating KRM to the tune of 169 million in infrastructure and millions a year in upkeep...that is horrible!

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