Name that Country - Math

Based on a recommendation from Justin I’m changing things up a little this week…we will return to my regularly scheduled format next week.

This week however I am asking that you do some math in addition to determining the country.

The following country is to the same scale that China was a few weeks ago. 1 inch = 780 miles.

Name the Country:

Now for the math:

Knowing the country, if I would have placed it on my blog my traditional way it would have been approximately 3.5 inches long. What would the scale for that map have been? Your accuracy should be to the tenth of a mile.


I nearly forgot...last weeks country was....QATAR!

This week is tough...I give it a 12 out of 10.

5 comments to "Name that Country - Math"

  • Sweet, this was definitely more realistic. The old way (which I know you will go back to) is definitely a lot harder. I think it is much more natural for a person to recognize a country by it's actual size and general shape than by it's exact shape and no size.

    Anyways - it's nice to know another country that cheers for the red, white and blue!

  •'ve narrowed it down to about 9 or 10 countries and you still have yet to complete the math portion.

    Cryptic is fine but we need a bit more.

  • Ah, I suppose I do. I wonder if the majority of people drive cars from that little ol' car maker in Seoul?

    I'll do the math another day.

  • Alright, the scale would be 1 inch = 01001100 miles.

    PS: I'm an IT auditor.

  • I'm starting to wonder if Justin is going to get my audit done (since I am the lead on his current audit) or if he is going to play on my blog all day!?!?!


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