Term Limits

I was on another site today and I noticed that there are still a lot of people out there that would love to see term limits placed on Congressman. This is an issue that is debated as a resolution every year for the GOP.

I for one believe that there are term limits in place already…they are called elections. Every 2 years for your Representative and every 6 years for our Senators we have to head to the polling place to cast our votes for these people. If you believe that the elected official is a bum then you really have to work hard to oust that person from their seat. It can be done. Incumbency is not a guarantee for reelection but it is definitely an advantage.

Placing term limits on legislators I believe is redundant. They are one of many, meaning that their vote does not count more just because they have been there for 2 dozen years. A Freshman Senator’s vote counts as 1 out of 100 just like Ted Kennedy’s.

Arguments for Executive offices’ can be made and I usually agree with those.

In a time when it is hard to find good Congressman why would we want to put in place a system that would only ensure that there is fresh blood in the seat every so many years versus ensuring that we vote for and elect good quality candidates.

2 comments to "Term Limits"

  • "A Freshman Senator’s vote counts as 1 out of 100 just like Ted Kennedy’s."

    Well, that right there is a good reason to actually HAVE term limits. The freshman's fear of Teddy! :)

  • In the past, I would have agreed with you that elections are term limits.

    However, the fact that incumbents are almost always reelected, especially the sleaze bags (William Jefferson, Democrat - Louisiana). There comes a time when a man, no matter how incorruptible he may think he is, becomes part of the Washington establishment.

    I think this is why Tom Coburn and other fiscal conservatives will term limit themselves: they have the wisdom to know that you can be in Washington too long to the point that you become part of the problem.

    Term limits on the books are for those members who lack such wisdom.

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