Name that Country

Well folks, last weeks country was pretty easy…a beautiful country that has a name to scare away most people…Iceland!!!

This week is a bit harder. I give it a 9 out of 10 only because many of you probably have never even looked at this country.

Good Luck!

5 comments to "Name that Country"

  • Tough One!! Especially since a person would have to name TWO countries to properly label this map... I have always wanted to go here (the primary country pictured), but this was particularily hard due to size distortion.

  • GOP, i was at work (you know...pushing pencils and stuff) when i saw this and never did come back...sorry 'bout that.

    Justin, 2 countries? I'm not sure what you're talking about, but..CUT it out!

  • Technically Justin is correct…I have to admit that the map I am using is a bit out of date.

    In 2001 The Hague’s International Court of Justice did settle a maritime dispute and gave the island pictured in my map to another country.

    So I have inadvertently pictured 2 countries instead of 1.

    Justin’s claim to “size distortion” is a cop out though…how would you prefer me to handle the different sized countries? This one you would never be able to see much less identify if I put it to scale!

  • It's a friggin' island.

  • lol - it's STILL 2 countries any way you look at it! There's were disputes on areas on the mainland as well.

    Agreed on size distortion. One solution is to show it as you have it, and underneath show the size it is on a real map. If it were put to scale, I think it may actually be easier to identify than zoomed in anyways. I don't know many people that study the exact shape of a country, but the general shape along with the actual size provides a much better cue.

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