Political Tactics

You can tell you are a political geek when you look at James Carville and Carl Rove and think that they are pretty cool.

Did anyone catch Rove on either Rush or on Meet the Press?

What did you think of his analysis of Hilary?

Personally I think Rove did what Rove does best…points out the flaws of the opposition in a public setting. This then sets the opposition into a quandary. Do they correct the flaw and thereby admit that it was truly a flaw or do they ignore the flaw and allow the other side to take advantage of the issue?

Rove is genius when it comes to this tactic. Hilary has to now either defend herself against what Rove exposed is her weakness – Health Care – or simply ignore the attack and hope that the Republican contenders don’t beat her up with the topic.

Simply inspired!

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