Learn English Prior to Entry

England is planning on making English a requirement for spouses entering the country to join their husband or wife. But it is not yet ready to be rolled out due to protests and legal suits: Protests at pre-entry English tests for spouses coming to UK

Is this a bad idea?

I personally don’t think so…I think that the charge of this being a “breach of human rights law” is a hell of a stretch!

3 comments to "Learn English Prior to Entry"

  • I would clearly have to disagree with you on this!


    You can encourage and help that person to speak English but you should never be able to force someone to speak another language.

    Our country and every other country should embrace the different cultures and languages and should teach diversity with the other spoken languages!

    I guess are you scared there talking about you and you can't understand them?

    This may not be on the exact same level.. But hey you think in your travels to different countries I think you should learn there language before you enter... I mean it is there spoken language there! So next time you go to Mexico make sure you understand and can speak Spanish!!

    That statement is not on the same level as living in a country but if I was to move to the Philippines, I wouldn't be able to speak tagalog nor can I understand it! But after time I would be able to... And to FORCE me to learn the language prior to moving there is ridiculous..... What if my wife had to move there because of an emergency!! I'm suppose to wait around to be with her until I can speak there Language?? That could take years!!!

    Your job relocates you to Germany are you suppose to wait around till you can speak German?

    Makes no sense to me! You are infringing on someones civil rights by FORCING them to learn another language! We should in turn be encouraging and offering free classes to teach the native language!


  • Using your example…you move to the Philippines…should you be able to demand that they print everything in English? Teach your children English in their schools? FORCE the people of that country to pay for you to learn their language?

    When I travel to other countries I do not expect them to accommodate me…I learn the basics (and carry a good dictionary) so that I can get across to them what I need or want. If I were to move to that country…I would expect that I would be able to speak the language enough to get by…which is all the English are requiring of people that are moving to their country.

  • Well I guess if the my country wants me to learn about (sorry anyone that may be offended.. By no means do I mean this in a racial way) Black history month! There going to teach it to me for free wether I want to learn it or not! And they will grade me on it!

    So should the countrys that are throwing fits and want people to speak the spoken language prior to entry teach the class? Hell YA.. I do!!

    It's funny how we are all so 1 sided..

    And ok you had a little point and I mean little!!! There are people out there demanding things to be writen out in english spanish and any other language out there! BUT hey.... You still going to get that wether or not we all speak the same langauge or not!

    But lets look at how stupid this all is! McDonalds a company who choose to put a sign up in an area that 90% speak spanish.. That put there billboard up in spanish! McDonalds was told to take the sign down.. And recieved all sort of negative press about it!

    No one forced them to do it it was a choice!! Isn't that what one part of our country and many other FREE countrys are founded on? Choice?

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