Name that Place

NOS1 got Regency Mall last week…hope you are all enjoying this.

Name this place:

5 comments to "Name that Place"

  • It's the Sturtevant Amtrak station.

    Thanks for doing these photos. The search is fun.

  • Great Job Jean!!

    Have you used the station?

    I did for 3 days last week...what an experience!

  • Haven't had the chance to see it yet. (I'm in NJ these days.) My memories of Amtrak are of the occasional trip to the old station, and the 'which street is the turn?' comment as we invariably drove past it.

  • Wow! Thats the new station?

    Joan just took it last week she was up there for a wedding and said they built a new one..

    Is it true it goes from Chicago to the Mil??

  • Amtrak has always gone from Mil - Chi and stopped in Svt but only recetly (3-4 years) did they put in the new station -- which is about 1 mile north of its old location.

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