Name that Country

Last week’s was a tough one but as always still unreal still had it in the bag…it was Tanzania.

This country has a very distinctive shape so I only rate it a 5 out of 10.

4 comments to "Name that Country"

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  • well, i WAS going to say....

    La-ti-da, you've decided to move out of africa and SA

    ....but i wasnt quick enough. you should put a disclaimer on top of the picture...

  • Sorry Mr. Gravelle…but this is your second time posting the name of the country…I ask that if you truly know the country…which you obviously did…please post a hint or other quirky reply so that others may still have an opportunity to say “Ah-Ha!”


  • still unreal…I think you are correct…I am guess I have to put a permanent disclaimer at the top of every on of these maps!!

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