When Did Innovation Die?

There is a drumbeat coming from the far left that keeps things like rail on the forefront of their effort to socialize this country. They use arguments like “At $4 a gallon for gas, they'd embrace rail transit if only it were available” and state that “That future doesn't involve building more superhighways.” See Capital Time Editorial

Really? Have we fallen so far away from American innovation that we are going to sit by and let 1) the price of oil dictate the way we live and 2) allow a few kooks on the fringe of our society (albeit many of them are in the media) dictate that we must now pay to travel in a straight line and find other ways to get from train station to final destination? I don’t think we are their yet.

Every time the notion of KRM or “commuter rail” comes up I like to point out to people that this is not a step forward in commuting but a step back to the past!

Here is a brief history of travel:

Wheeled Carts
Wheeled Carriage – pulled by horse
Cable Car

So let’s be real honest here gas prices are horrible but American ingenuity will bring about the next permutation in transport…won’t it? Why do we need to fall back to a bygone era where people have no say but to go from point A to point B with no option of going to point C?

We are a society of drivers…we love our cars…so why would we abandon the idea of them? There are ways to make cars more efficient, Hybrids are a great example of this. Currently there are cars running on fryer grease, fully electric cars, cars powered by natural gas, and there is even cars running on Hydrogen. These are examples of innovation.

We still have time to make the right choice when it comes to transportation. The next generation of vehicles is just around the corner we just need to be ready to embrace our imagination and not fall back on old standbys.

Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward” so let’s move in that direction.

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