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It has been 80 days since Racine Unified Schools passed a spending referendum.

Now they want another one.

How the hell are we to keep up with this non-sense?

Why is it that RUSD can not figure out how to do a budget that includes all of the items that are needed to run their organization?

I hope Caledonia is able to successfully remove themselves from this mess. Maybe starting from scratch we can get a real handle on the costs associated with running this type of organization!

1 comments to "WHAT?!!? AGAIN!?!"

  • For anyone paying attention - this is absolutely NO SURPRISE.

    When the $16.5 million referendum (that passed this spring)was first proposed, it was pointed out MANY MANY TIMES that what the distict really needed was $70M - $80M to get its buildings up to snuff and to bring them into the 21st Century.

    In fact, Brian Dey and Don Nielsen would recommended a bonded referendum for the whole amount, instead of coming back to the taxpayers year after year.In the event that a bonded referendum would pass - we could stretch that over a 20 year period, I believe.

    The board (as a whole) did not think that large of an amount would pass, and ironically, Mr. Hazen said we would not be able to spend it fast enough.

    Whatever that means...

    Apparently, many of the projects are time-consuming and we have only a fixed period of time to spend the money?

    Any way, again to anyone paying attention this is NOT a surprise!

    It's only the beginning....

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