April 13…Tax Freedom Day 2009

Well here we are, 103 days into the “new year” and we are finally working for our selves!

Since January 1st we have been working for the government.  All of our earnings up until this point have gone to pay taxes.

Now I know that some out there will say that “we are doing better than last year”…(2009 Tax Freedom Day = 4/13…2008 Tax Freedom Day = 4/21) but the Tax Foundation points out in their annual report why this is…biggest reason is that the recession has reduced tax collections faster than it has reduced incomes.

We in Wisconsin are seeing this same effect…increase in unemployment rates and the recession has moved Wisconsin’s Tax Freedom Day (TFD) to 4/13 (from 4/21) but our tax burden has moved us up the rank for TFD to #12 (from #14.)

For more information on Tax Freedom Day please visit this link.

For more on the Tax Foundation


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