Name that Country

Well done trainhead…but while you and I (and many Irish) will disagree as to whether or not Northern Ireland is a separate country based on the relationship with England…most in the area will say that they are their own country!


This week I think we get a little easy…3 out of 10.


PLEASE DO NOT POST THE info or a hint that proves you know it...there are others playing!!!


THANK YOU – gopfolk


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  • This is really a territory, the legal status of which and the question of its sovereignty remains unresolved; the territory is contested between Morocco and the Polisario Front / Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (or SADR). It is considered a non self-governed territory by the United Nations. The major ethnic group are Sahrawis, of mixed Arab-Berber descent, but they claim descent from the Beni Hassan Arabs (as mentioned in... 'Lawrence of Arabia'). Don't worry, there aren't very many of them: about 380,000 population total, of which half live in one city. This territory is very low on the list of places to vacation, unless you like to say words like 'barren' and 'goat herds'.

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