Name that County…well sort of…

Last weeks country was pretty easy due to the shape.  My wife even got it quicker than normal so I know that it must have been easy! ;^)

For those of you that did not get it and was not helped by trainhead’s clues the country was Western Sahara!

I received an email from trainhead that stated “Since I've been hogging the 'Name that Country' scene, I thought I would make a small contribution.  And since this means less work for me I thought that I would post his selection.  For the record trainhead, I’m here to tell you that your clues have been terrific!  I hope that you will continue to post and thank you for this weeks offering.

Name that Country (or, make it Name that Island)

Hint:  It's an island. Politically, it is a province of a larger group of islands.  Many years ago, it was historically significant! Really! (there is more but I’ll save it for a little while)


  • This is 1 in a 1,000 (approximately.)
  • Makes up 23% of the total counties landmass
  • The British didn’t change the name but did change the spelling of the island
  • Site of the 1st US amphibious landing in WWII

Personally I’ll give this a 4 out of 10.

5 comments to "Name that County…well sort of…"

  • Not the Panama one, huh??

  • Panama? Arrrrrrgh. This really makes me feel old... downright ancient.

    Okay, here are a few more hints. Remember, the puzzle is 'name that island':

    1) The form of government of whole political unit is constitutional monarchy; the island in question is a province of that political unit.

    2) The official language is English

    3) They have a queen, and she is very well known.

    4) There is an international airport on the island.

    5) And, for something really useful, go back and read GOPFolk's hints - he gave away the farm ;-}

  • Poor trainhead...he feels the way I do some weeks.

    mkfolks is on words and all...think about it and you know I'm right...

    You both definitely made me laugh this morning!

  • Here's another hint - another attempt to 'give away the farm'.

    To date, there has been only one US Coast Guardsman to receive the Medal of Honor, the United States military's highest decoration.

    It was awarded posthumously for his extraordinary heroism which occurred... on this island!

  • Okay, I get it. Mkfolks clearly wins the 'clever award' for responses. I wonder if anyone else "gets it"?

    As for me, I didn't get enough coffee this morning.

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