Business says “No thanks.” City says “Screw the tax payers!!”

For those of you that are unaware (you would have to be living under a rock!) just South of us in Gurnee there is an amusement park, Six Flags, that in the past has needed workers from as far away as Racine.  To accommodate those Racine workers Six Flags provided a bus that would pick them up here in the county and drive them down and back for their shifts.


Well due to the economy being what it is, as well as a number of other financial reasons, Six Flags said that they did not need the workers from Racine that bad and decided to not have a bus doing that trip.


So what does that mean to those people that decide that they want to work at Six Flags?  Well just like the rest of the world that means you are going to have to find a way to either; get to your job (some 30+ miles away), find a place closer to your job (kind of difficult if you’re a minor), or find a job closer to home.


But wait!!!


You the tax payer can help!!!  The city is going to discuss spending $28,000 (as a block grant) to pay for part of the cost of transporting people from Racine to Gurnee.  See JT story here.


Now I know some of you are looking at this post and thinking what a cold hearted bastard I am especially because…”the people riding the bus will have to pay $15 a week for the transportation!”  That is not good enough!!


I’m tired of our society saying half is good enough and the “community” (read “Taxpayer”) will take care of the rest!  That is the same nonsense that is causing all of these people to gush over KRM!!!


If the cost of transporting people from Racine to Gurnee is $46,000 as the article says and the business is not willing to pick up the cost, then the employees that wish to use the transport should pay the full cost…about $48 per week!!!


If we are going to head down that road of half is good enough…well then I guess I’ll start sending in may gas receipts to the “community” and wait for you to pay for my travel as well.

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