Geocachers point out a flaw…

Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a geocacher.  My wife and I have participated in geocaching since 2002 and love it.  It is a great adventure no mater where in the world you go…and we have cached all over the world and plan to continue to do so even while our caching at home has slowed to nothing.

But I digress.  Go to to find out more about the “sport.”

According to local geocachers the famed “4 corners” (where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona come together) is not where the 4 corners monument is located!!  In fact it appears to be off by about 2.5 miles!!!

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  • Our local news did this story last night.
    a Utah historian said that the surveyor who did it originally found the line to be on the top of a steep plateau.
    "He thought it would be a lot easier to survey a point on the flatlands," explained Bill Case, a senior geologist with the Utah Geological Survey. "They tried to get as close to 37 degrees latitude and 109 degrees longitude. That was where the corner of Utah was supposed to be."
    All four states and Congress agree on the boundary, so 4 corners really is 4 corners.

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