A Democratic Landslide

I’ve been having a great time watching the Democrats talk a lot about the fall elections and there is a common theme…they think they are going to win. Not only do they think they are going to win they are predicting a 1994 style landslide!!

Here is a short list of reasons why the Democrats will not have a landslide year:

  1. Democrats do not have a plan for the war on terror.
  2. Democrats are yelling that our troops are spread too thin but the American people know that if Democrats are given control the military will be slashed further.
  3. The economy is moving in the right direction even though the Democrats predicted economic disaster if we got tax relief.
  4. The American people want strong leadership when it comes to issues of Illegal Aliens, Prevention of Terrorism, and Nuclear Proliferation and that leadership is sorely lacking on the Democratic side.
  5. Democrats lack basic economic sense when it comes to fuel pricing.
  6. They point to Right and say that they are corrupt while their own are accepting bribes on tape.
  7. How many minority candidates are the Democrats running for office? How about the Republicans?

That’s just for starters…if you have more I’ll add them to the list.

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