The RINO/GOP Divide

Rep. Vos recently pointed out that there is a divide in the party, one in which optimism is losing out to pessimism.

Rep. Vos is wrong and may now be facing a conservative primary opponent in the fall elections.

It is not pessimism that has fractured the party it is the weak kneed approach that this Republican legislature has taken toward fighting for conservative values. There is a divide in the State GOP that is growing more and more prevalent every year. It is caused by truly conservative people like Rep. Vos who go out to Madison and get swept into the RINO division of the party. This segment of the party actually believes in things like governmental mandates and constitutional amendments that encourage spending increases.

The days of tax cuts, reductions in spending, and advancement of family values have been put away so that we can “work with the democratic Governor.”

The conservative agenda has been shelved and I think it is time that people like Robin Vos actually come out fight to cut the budget not place silly restrictions (with loopholes galore) on the ability to collect revenue.

Politics as usual is not the way to move this state forward.

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