The H-Prize

Congress really wants to move us away from oil and is working to motivate the private sector into creating the technology to get us out of the oil dependant state we are in.

Congress has created the H-Prize (H.R. 5143) similar to the X-prize for first civilian spaceflight this prize will be offered to people or companies that produce Hydrogen technologies.

You can win an H-Prize in one of the following categories:

  • advancements in components or systems related to--hydrogen production; hydrogen storage; hydrogen distribution; and hydrogen utilization;
  • prototypes of hydrogen-powered vehicles or other hydrogen-based products that best meet or exceed objective performance criteria, such as completion of a race over a certain distance or terrain or generation of energy at certain levels of efficiency; and
  • transformational changes in technologies for the distribution or production of hydrogen that meet or exceed far-reaching objective criteria, which shall include minimal carbon emissions and which may include cost criteria designed to facilitate the eventual market success of a winning technology.

The awards can be very lucrative…for advancements an award can not exceed $1,000,000. For Prototypes the awards can not exceed $4,000,000. The Transformational Change Technology prize is in the sum of $100,000,000 with a maximum cash payment of $10,000,000.

Will this spur Hydrogen technology? We can hope!

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  • completely off topic big brother...have you seen the Glenn Beck show on headline news???? or have you listened to his radio show?
    the reason I ask is that he reminds me of you. I could be nuts but (possibly certifiable, i am afterall mothers daughter) the resemblance is kinda freaky.

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