It looks like we are finally headed in the right direction. We may have a national language in the next month…they are going to call it a “common and unifying language” but it will make English OUR language.

Harry Reid actually thinks this bill is “racist” but maybe Harry is too worried about offending someone instead of trying to preserve what we have as a country.

Here is the article.

Here is the bill.

2 comments to "IT’S ABOUT TIME…"

  • I have mixed feelings,
    Yes! it would be nice to say English is ours. But at the same time we are a land of free and I think people have a right to speak what they want. If they speak spanish or even Taglog who cares? if they have problems comunicating thats there problem.

    You know here in America its not mandotory to learn another languge. But in other countries like the phillipins its mandotory for them to learn Tagolog and English,
    English should be used as a universal languge!!

  • it is about time that we recognize english as our national language.

    what we do NOT need to do is take the extreme steps that the French have, and strike all words that may be of foreign origin out of our official documents

    i do believe that it should be mandatory to learn other languages in our schools (no ebonics is not a language, its a dialect). One of the biggest reasons we are considered "ugly americans" is because we get pissy when we travel abroad and dont know the language and have the nerve to get angry at the locals for not speaking english

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