So What He Really is Saying…

Last night the State Assembly passed a resolution that would allow the people of Wisconsin to vote on an advisory referendum this fall regarding the death penalty.

I’ll speak to this referendum at a later date but for now I’d like to focus on a release from Rep. Towns’ office. In this release he explains why he voted for the advisory referendum stating “I did not feel it was right to deny my constituents the opportunity to weigh in on this topic.”

But the fun part is what is next:

“Advance polling shows that a majority of Wisconsinites would approve a reverse in our state’s death penalty policy.

I want to go on record that I would not support any future proposal to statutorily reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin.”

So I’d like to ask Rep. Towns, so you are willing to hear from your constituents but not vote for them? If your constituents overwhelmingly vote for the death penalty will you then vote for it or are you only serving your constituents when you feel like it?
What are you really saying here Rep. Towns?

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