The Referendum…again!

I was recently sent this from the Young Professionals of Racine. It is open to the public but be sure to RSVP...RAMAC is looking for a headcount.

Be in the Know!

The RAMAC Education Committee invites you to attend a 1 hour presentation on the upcoming School Referendum.

School board members and business leaders will discuss the issues that are involved in the referendum, where the money will be spent, and how past referendums were used. Please join us for this informative event:

Friday, May 19 at 8 am at RAMAC, 300 5th Street

RSVP call RAMAC at 634-1931.

1 comments to "The Referendum…again!"

  • We would like a blog a blog about the Racine Police Department and what they are doing, And why the communitie is not standing up to them!!!!

    7 burglaries---1 neighborhood still no police presence

    a car doing 60 mph down college crashes into the Dekoven fence with a police officer 50 yards behind him.... 2 WHITE kids jump out of car and run. A neighbor sees them and chases after 1. Police did not even get out of the car. DID NOT ASK FOR ANY WITNESSES. Description over the police scanner 2 WHITE MALES, WEARING A HAT--- good description, when a neighbor asked the police officer if he wanted a discription they ignored him as if he wasn't even there 4 other police officer arive they sat in there car and talked..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What are they doing.... I think you first need to start with the laws of the city and what the police are doing before you can focus on education
    If the police are doing nothing to help or support the communitie how can they make sure a kid stays in school. It is a law for kids to be in school truences after so many is punishable If the police don't care no one ealse will....

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