The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has it right!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is recommending a NO vote on the referendum.

Excerpt from the Milwaukee editorial staff:

We encouraged a "yes" vote in the June (2005) referendum, with the caveat that the district get its financial house in order and do more to rein in health care and other costs that were taking a steep toll on schools. We said then, "give the board the breathing space of a year to figure out how to meet its budget without asking voters for more money. And get ready to say 'no' if the board hasn't done these things and again pleads with voters for more money."

Full Editorial is here.


1 comments to "The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has it right!"

  • Shocking simply shocking and from Milwaukee of all places.

    Hey maybe some of Scott Walker is rubbing off on the Journal. That's the one in Milwaukee of course NOT the fishwrap from Racine

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