Would this be a good idea?

I’ve been advocating for a while that maybe it was time that Caledonia severe their relationship with RUSD…I’m not the only one!!

It looks like there is an under current calling for the same thing!

Here is the article from the Journal Times:

Seceding from Unified?

It is VERY important that we analyze this situation carefully! Financial impact to the community and the ability to recruit high quality teachers is paramount. We need to be sure that this would be a sustainable situation. Village President Delagrave even brought up the idea of a joint district with Mount Pleasant; I would even recommend looking at Raymond and Yorkville as possible partners.

I want to see us move in this direction…Village President Delagrave may not be advocating this one way or the other but he is truly thinking about the impact on the community and is willing to bring up the idea.

I applaud Delagrave for his consideration of this potential concept.

1 comments to "Would this be a good idea?"

  • If Delagrave does NOT run next spring, what do you think the village's chance of seceding from Unified will be?

    I think the community may be able to afford it; I wrote about this on my blog. I am curious to know your thoughts or any additional information you may have.


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