Now was this really a surprise?!?!

The news media is really trying to be as anti-military as possible…the purpose of this head line and so many like it is to portray our good soldiers as bullies!

4 comments to "Now was this really a surprise?!?!"

  • OK now I'm confused, I read the whole artical and maybe I missed something but I didn't see anything that showed the news media being anti-military in anyway. Or is it you just want the news media to be anti-military?

  • How about the begining of the third paragraph:
    "allegations that al-Zarqawi was beaten"
    They are really trying to make the military out to be the bad guys here not the terrorists.

  • Ok I can see that, But if you where watching the orginal news report on TV like I was, The first report came that someone had shot him once carried out of the building witch that came from Eye witnesses in the surrounding area. To me the just reported to fast with out all the facts, not them being anti-military

  • This is not just one isolated news story reported too fast.
    It is a deliberate attempt to characterize this war as something akin to Vietnam.
    They get a sigle eye witness that refuses to give a full name and they report it as fact.
    At some point their attempts to paint the military as bad guys has to stop.

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