Reince Priebus…State GOP Chair?

I've been out of the country so this may seem like old news but...

Rumor has it that Reince Priebus may become the next State Republican Party Chairman.

I know Reince and feel that he would be a GREAT successor to Rick Graber.

Reince has served us very well down here in the First District and has continued to impress us as treasurer of the State Party.

While it will be sad to see Rick head off to Washington we all know that Reince has the ability to take our State Party to the next level.

Good luck Rick and Reince!

Thank you bbg and realdebatewisconsin for the rumor!

1 comments to "Reince Priebus…State GOP Chair?"

  • Welcome back in country Bill.

    I know both the guys looking at the Chairmanship. Quality is the word that comes to mind with each.

    Both true conservatives that live that ideal in slightly differant ways.

    I lean in Reinces direction as I think with his leadship the RINO's will be exposed and removed. Or at least change the letter to a D after their names.

    BTW your welcome for the "rumor" LOL

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