So now the language has changed…

The news media is no longer satisfied with using the term “global warming” they have move to using the phrase “human-induced climate change!



This once again proves just how biased the media is…if Al Gore says it then it must be true!

On the limited data we have it is true that we are in a period of global warming but to directly link this warming to a human induced change is preposterous! The only link I can see is that we exhale CO2 which means if every environmental wacko would stop breathing the rest of us, and the world would be in much better shape!

It was only a few years ago when the big greenhouse gas was methane but now its carbon dioxide so what did we do to reduce methane? Nothing, because methane wasn’t glamorous enough but CO2 is everywhere so we can make that the new cause.

So what will the deadly gas be next year?

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