We lost and I am not happy…

Many people who know me will agree when I say that I am the type of person who will stew on issues until it is all consuming and I can’t think straight. Well folks that is what this referendum has done to me. I haven’t been posting much because I can not figure out why people are so DUMB!!!

What I can’t understand is:

  • When we have a school district that will blatantly use students to justify their own inept spending, why there isn’t more outrage;
  • When we have children who can’t read or form coherent sentences when they graduate from high school, why there isn’t more outrage;
  • Why when we have to pay for the substitute teacher to teach classes a Union Boss can’t teach because she is to busy doing the dirty work of the union and STILL getting paid by us, the taxpayers, in stead of by her union colleagues, why there isn’t more outrage;
  • When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the school board is now considering a multiyear referendum since the single year referendums are “a huge drain on the district and administrators” but our own Journal Times is mute on the subject, why isn’t there more outrage.

Maybe outrage is truly dead.

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  • the problem is that most parents today do not take any responsibility for their childrens education. when Junior graduates and cant read, its the schools fault, has nothing to do with the fact that mom and dad never asked him if he had or did his homework.
    just throw some more money in the schools direction and let them figure it out. the less the parents have to do the better, right???

  • Come on now! Its both party's fault, Yes the parents are fully responsible for there children, and I can also garuntee that the majority of the parents are going to look the other way if there children or teachers don't speak up saying there having troubles in school.
    But why are the schools even allowing the students to get that far in there education if they can't read or wright.

    Ok example: Gilmore Middle School I never did any home work and told parents I did it or there was none. they still passed me despite the fact I was failing. Is that the parents fault? I don't think so thats the schools. If we had better teachers in place that actually cared about the students and not the paychecks we would be in a better position.

  • the school kept passing you because they were afraid that if they didnt mom would bring a lawsuit against the district
    thats what people do these days
    there was a girl (i believe in Racine, not sure) who beat up her teacher, put her in the hospital, while her friends cheared her on. The girl was expelled until her parents hired some dirt bag lawyer who filed suit against the district saying they were unjustifiably withholding her right to an education.
    and if you remember, gfolk, your teachers were trying....the weekly progress reports and all, they tried and mom did too......you... not so much

  • NOW...NOW...NOW...Lets not have any personal attacks or I will have to delete posts!!!!

  • OK,,, Scared no!!!
    1. No one ever threatend a law suit
    2. Teachers tried to help PLease! I forged every progress report ever sent out.. MMMMM... I was suspened for that.

    That is what is wrong with all the education this day!! You have one group who wants to blame it on the schools and another that wants to blame it on the parents, and once again for anyones education to work, both party's need to held accountable.

    so lets get real if you think the parents are the one responsible and the kid goes to school and the teachers teach him nothing, Your child just learned nothing. and vice versa!!!!

  • more school spending gets passed and one reason is the ppl that vote where brain washed in the RUSD.

    NOT educated brain washed. To answer gfolks questions. The RUSD grads are stuck on stupid.

    Put the blame where ever it makes you feel good.

  • Well, Well, I'm a mother of 3 from the RUSD. Yes, the parents are to be held responsible for the children and their actions. That in it self is not something that is happening . Law suits are being filed and dirt bag attorneys are feeding on the stupid. (that would be the parents of the 2 generation of stupid) If it looks like a picture in the paper is possible and a check could be written, they go for it. The schools have been afraid to touch (not only physically but also mentally) students due to the recent but constant stupid law suits. BUT! The educators have stopped educating students years ago. Some teacher struggle to help those that receive no help at home but there are only so many hours in the day. If they find one child who's parents are even the slightest bit interested in their childs welfare they let go of the child. Not because they don't care but because they NEED the help. I found that to be in my case. The teacher actually told me that because I was helping at home and was willing to come to ask for help they let go of my son. They let him fall through the cracks of their fingers because mine were close by. That wasn't because she didn't care. She didn't have the time or help. To many parents today don't care. The money problems in RUSD in my opinion is that the amount of teacher that do care about teaching is so few that the bottom feeders have taken over. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Is all the school systems now want. More money and less concern. Pay me to avoid law suits seems to be the game today. The bottom feeders take the money and don't teach but blame others. Teachers that care are shunned by the bottom feeders. They become scabs because their idea's create work. Thought. Concern. I know so few people today that want careers. They wants jobs they can call careers and they want to do nothing for as much as they can get.
    The bottom line is that both are to be blamed. Outrage should be there but it isn't. I hated when my father said it wasn't his problem any longer. I wanted him to fight for his grand children and great grand children. Today I am beginning to understand why he felt that way. I haven't given up yet but I don't know how to educated the stupid out there.

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